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*Really this is a Manifesto, but CREED is similar in meaning and rhymes with word READ. 😊

Our election system is corrupt and insecure in design. Indeed the 2020 and 2022 elections were full of fraud. If our lawmakers do not enact legislation that will PREVENT election fraud from taking place in OUR 2024 elections, OUR VOICE via OUR VOTE will have ZERO VALUE. This is the last thing our Founding Father's wanted. And now, with witnessing election reforms that will NOT PREVENT much of fraud from taking place in OUR ELECTIONS, our future freedom and liberty are at great risk of being lost. OUR representatives have a FIDUCIARY DUTY to adopt or at least propose as bills CONVENTIONAL and NEW SECURITY MEASURES that can actually make OUR ELECTIONS secure, transparent and JUST. By OUR state and county representatives NOT proposing and voting to adopt such legislation to utilize PROVEN and EVERYDAY security measures to PREVENT election fraud, they are actually I believe in GROSS NEGLIGENCE of their duty in roll of office. May I suggest that amnesty and forgiveness may be granted for representatives that embrace CONVENTIONAL AND NEW SECURITY MEASURES that can work to PREVENT as best as possible election fraud from happening in OUR ELECTIONS.

Any claiming to be in the fight for ELECTION INTEGRITY that does NOT acknowledge such above and fails to actively hold OPEN DEBATE about CONVENTIONAL and NEW SOLUTIONS that utilize PROVEN security measures as such as banks, tech companies, casinos and the TSA at airports use, are NOT being honest or fair in their claim to be truly fighting for Free and Fair elections. The media or representatives NOT discussing such just because it is their OPINION that conventional or new security measures could not be adopted by a state legislature or county because of reasons stating they believe they are too expensive, too complex, there is not enough time to pass such legislation, are all working for America to continue to have COMPROMISED, INSECURE and EASY TO CHEAT in elections. Such are not good excuses to not OPENLY DISCUSS and DEBATE the MERITS of adopting such security measures as described above and below. Now is the time to speak boldly, with courage, not compromise to fix OUR ELECTIONS. After all OUR ELECTIONS are just that, OUR ELECTIONS. Should not the role of MEDIA be to have OPEN DEBATE such and be in the role to inform citizens of OUR OPTIONS as to secure OUR FUTURE ELECTIONS which safeguard OUR FUTURE FREEDOM, LIBERTY and JUSTICE? Is the media to act like many of our state and county representatives and NOT ACTIVELY discussing such and only meet with those with sponsorship or political dollars to pad their bank accounts?

If citizens do not know about NEW SOLUTIONS to deploy CONVENTIONAL SECURITY TOOLS to make OUR ELECTIONS secure, transparent and Just, then how can We The People inform, and as necessary DEMAND such NEW AND CONVENTIONAL SOLUTIONS be adopted as laws?

Founder of

Randy Smith

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