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2017 Voter Registration Hacking Test - 7

Did you know that a software hacker test was performed in 2017 that showed a citizen's voter registration information could be easily changed by hackers? Here's the link to this study/hack testing and see summary findings from this exercise conducted by computer software hackers. Also you can and should download a free copy of this study/hack test and results.

  • Websites for 35 states and DC in 2016 were vulnerable to voter identity theft attacks: an imposter could submit changes to voter registration information

  • An imposter needed a combination of voter’s name, date of birth, gender, address, Social Security Number, or Driver’s License Number

  • Relevant data can be acquired from government, data brokers, or darknet markets. Total cost of an automated attack against 1% of all vulnerable voter registrations nationwide ranged from $10,081 to $24,926 depending on the data source used. States cost less, e.g., $1 for Alaska and $1,020 for Illinois

  • A voter identity theft attack could disrupt an election by imposters submitting address changes, deleting voter registrations, or requesting absentee ballots.

Why has this Hacking Test by very reputable data scientists and the results not been widely covered by the media?

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