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VKC CLEANS UP VOTER ROLLS by verifying Identity, Citizenship, legal residence. VKC + Voting PIN prevents illegal/fake ballots from being cast or counted. This works like a PIN w/ debit card or password to login to bank account. Our solution ADDS FULL TRANSPARENCY by counting only paper ballots under livestream cameras to empower Virtual Poll Watchers to flag any inaccurate vote tally and have adjudicated in real-time.

Watch our 1-minute, "How it Works" video.*



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*This video does not contain all current features, but does paint picture of our system. New video coming soon.

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Read about founder of Voter Key Card.

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At Reawaken America Phoenix we held a Mock Election voting for favorite US President of All-Time. Patriot Patrick Byrne, the former CEO of and founder of the The America Project dropped by our booth. Future events


1. See framework below from*
2. Citizens serve as Precinct Committee Men/Woman
Defend Florida flyer.jpeg
precinct strategy logo.jpg
3. ADOPT SOLUTIONS that BLOCK ELECTION FRAUD LOOPHOLES by adding security measures used by banks, casinos and at airports by the TSA.
*We believe signature matching is insecure and inadequate to authenticate that a registered voter cast a ballot and should be replaced by our Voting PIN. We believe voter's License/Real ID should be scanned to verify they are authentic. We believe all votes should be manually tallied by paper ballots under public livestream cameras. We also believe the lack of TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY in our Vote Tally and Chain of Custody of ballots are VERY BIG OPEN DOORS to fraud. And DO NOT MISS REVIEWING our comprehensive solution and voting process outlined below, even for making Mail-In Ballots secure by requiring a Voting PIN for vote to be manually tallied.
We believe a comprehensive solution capable of stopping up to 99.9% of election fraud is needed or cheaters will just spend more money to cheat. If only 80-90% of election fraud loopholes are blocked, the cheaters will simply divert to cheat into the places where fraud has not been fixed to achieve like results as in 2020. 

In the days after the 2020 election it became very clear to me that our election system was very vulnerable to fraud. In watching poll watchers being kicked out of election offices, ballots being snuck into election offices in the middle of night on November 4 and seeing the seemingly never-ending stream of new Mail-In Ballots come in days after the election and more, I prayed to God asking how to fix this. Instantly the below flashed into my head. This was just 3-days after the election. My thought was if Las Vegas casinos can use cameras to catch cheaters, then why can't the same be done with elections? See image below, scroll down to read about our Transparent Vote Tally System and read my original vision as posted on my Patriot, Freedom and God-Loving site CitizensReUnited on Nov 11, 2020

If Las Vegas Casinso can use cameras to catch cheaters then why cant the same be done to c


4-ways to support voter key card - web.png

Support us to help make Voter Key Card America's new election platform.

What is a
Voter Key Card?

Voter Key Card - blue background - web.png

The Voter Key Card works like debit card turned
into a tool to prevent election fraud.

It works as LOCK & KEY to protect your vote.

Only living citizens, legal residents can get a Voter Key Card and no vote will be counted without one.

EVERY state should pass legislation to adopt Voter Key Card system to protect the integrity of their state's elections.

3 Versions of Voter Key Cards 
Voter Key Card Types - web.png
Each version has it's own unique benefits and features. The Smart Chip Voter Key Card offers the highest level of security and features, even enabling the recording of votes onto the chip in the card. The paper version can be printed out @ home/office or voter's can log into the Voter Key Card Voter Registration platform to save to phone.
The Voter Key Card Voting Process
STEP 1 - Register to Vote

Identity, US Citizenship and legal residence in state are verified for every voter.
ONLY living citizens and legal residents can vote. This will clean up Voter Rolls! 
Step 2 - Gov ID is authenticated at Polling Location - web.png
States with Voter ID laws should add ability to scan driver's license and REAL ID.
All 50 States should pass laws requiring Gov ID to Vote to prevent Voter Fraud.
Step 3 - Voter Check-In at Polling Location - web.png
STEP 4 - Ballot is Cast

Though we'd like to see exclusively, voting in-person on paper ballots only, our solution will work for Mail-In, Absentee or Electronic Voting Machine Ballots. Every vote is tallied manually, by paper ballot, cannot be cast/counted w/out Voting PIN.
Citizens vote in person by paper ballot - web.png
STEP 5 - Cast Ballot Is Saved as PDF

Every voter will receive a copy of their paper ballot. Citizens may use Voter Key Card App to capture pictures of ballot or have ballot scanned at polling center. These images are saved as PDF file and stored securely online. A web page will be published for every ballot cast and recorded via Blockchain too.
Voter Key Card App Scan Print Web Page Blockchain - web.png
STEP 6 - Paper Ballots are Tallied

Our vote tally system counts paper ballots under security of real-time live-stream cameras. This system (for the most part) was invented just a few days after the 2020 elections. See slide below that describes how this tally system works.

Overhead View of Tally Table - 11-7-21 - web.png
Virtual Poll Watcher App Enables Viweing of Vote Tally Livestream on TV - web.png
Electronic Voting Machines, Mail-In and Absentee Ballots

Although voting by electronic voting machines and Mail-In or Absentee Ballots are listed as methods of voting in this solution, it should be noted that these methods are NOT what we will promote to state representatives. We will push for in-person voting only, with rare exceptions to vote by Absentee Ballots. I believe they should only be for military serving out of country. I also believe that every hospital and Senior Care facility should have voting booths.

If electronic voting machines are used, they should only be used to capture votes, not tally them. Of course, state legislatures and counties Supervisors will need to pass laws to ensure the vote tabulation by electronic voting machines is not used or is not counted as the official vote tally. Paper ballots will be printed out and a copy given to each citizen. If ballots are cast electronically each citizen will be asked to review the paper ballot to ensure their ballot was not altered. 

Tallying of votes will be counted by paper ballots under public livestream in real-time with a tablet right next to paper ballot. Each voter will also upload their own ballot via a Voter Key Card app or scanner securely hooked up to the Voter Key Card platform. 

And see below our process to secure Mail-In Ballots and that SHOULD REPLACE signature matching as such is completely insecure and inadequate to verifying the voter casting a ballot is the actual registered voter. Our Voter Key Card or Mobile QR Code Voter Key Card and Voting PIN should replace signature matching ASAP and can and should be adopted by states and counties across America for us in OUR 2022 ELECTIONS.
VKC Voter Check-In Process for Mail-In Ballots - web.png



vkc - about us - 72.png

The Voter Key Card system was invented by Randy Smith after the 2020 elections awakened him to the reality of how insecure our election system truly is. Randy came to realize the solution to making elections secure was to leverage payments security and multi-factor identity authentication tools.

randy smith biz photo cropped - 72.jpg

In 1994-95 Randy, with his younger brother, founded/launched Good2Go Restaurant Delivery. This company was exactly like GrubHub, minus the Internet. The company served 5,000+ customers before selling to Restaurants On the Run (acquired by GrubHub in 2015). We were the premier delivery service for Ruby's Diner, Black Angus and Acapulco's Mexican Restaurant

In the past 20 years, Randy has invented solutions to prevent Identity Theft, bankcard payment fraud, tax return fraud. In 2015 he introduced Card1, a Universal Card/Wallet in the Cloud using conventional payment card.. In 2010, his company MobilePayUSA won TechCrunch Disrupt Startup Alley SF. This solution was like Apple or Google Pay/Wallet with Cloud wallet, yet it did not require an NFC chip in phone or a chip reader in payment terminals to complete transactions. In 2014 a US patent was granted. He was the founder of and author for Mobile Wallet Media, a media partner of Money2020 from 2012-2014. In 2018-19 Randy designed hybrid mobile loyalty, coupon, membership and cause fundraising solution that was tied to consumer's bankcard or mobile app payment. Randy's career in payments is not done. He would like to build out an independent retail/mobile payments, loyalty, fundraising and marketing network.


It is crucial that our elections are secure and just as voting is an absolutely integral part of democracy. Election fraud silences our OUR VOICE! And as we've seen first hand with the great tyranny, the foolish economic and open border policies, the intentionally planned debacle and travesty in the departure from Afghanistan, the irresponsible and irreprehensible medical policy to combat the (fake) pandemic threat and alas having an easy to cheat in election system in 2020 elections (and prior) have had catastrophic consequences. It’s time to secure elections. All Americans need to regain trust in OUR elections and be confident they are SECURE, TRANSPARENT, ACCURATE and JUST, capable of stopping most election fraud. With the media, elected representatives and citizens sharing about the solutions presented here, legislation can be passed by many states to see these solutions deployed to prevent election fraud in Primary and General Elections in 2022. There's not need or GOOD EXCUSE TO WAIT TO 2024 TO ADOPT Voter Key Card to replace and make more secure elections in any state, county or city.


The Voter Key Card system and platform is already partially built. We just held a Mock Election voting for favorite President of all-time using our Alpha Demo platform at Reawaken America Phoenix on January 14-15, 2022. Our Beta/Commercial platform can with proper funding be built to scale in 4-6 months. This assumes ample funding is supplied to start full scale production. This is with full automation and a platform capable of being seamlessly and securely integrated with state Voter Registration platforms via an API (or we can replace Voter Registration platforms). To complete build of our platform, make it cyber secure and have capital and a team capable of delivery of all such will require millions of dollars of funding. Fortunately, most of that team is already in place. In total with testing and API integrations to state Voter Registration platforms and other databases used to verify identity of citizens, it might take another 2-4 months to be ready to deploy in Primary elections in 2024. The Voter Key Card solutions are invented by Randy Smith. Not all proprietary information about our platform, features or security measures are listed here.

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