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Adoption of Voter Key Card @ State, County or City Level

Ideally a state would adopt the whole, comprehensive Voter Key Card system and platform to replace their current election process and platform, yet our system can be adopted by feature as is possible to be adopted by law in county or city level as well. We understand the process of passing laws that will truly and fully make our elections secure, transparent and trustworthy will not be welcomed in every state or county. Charter Counties/Cities can adopt features of our system and platform that are not in conflict with state laws or the US Constitution. Visit our Product page to learn more and email us at to inquire adopting any or all the features of the Voter Key Card system and platform for use in 2022 Primary or General elections

Time is of the essence for states and counties to adopt our solution in part or in full or email Letter of Intent or high interest ASAP by so we may receive funding to build out our platform to be ready for 2022 Primary, General elections. States, counties adopting early will have the benefit of customization and creating custom features as well.
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