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2020 Hindsight Vision Makes Many Things Perfectly Clear

Leftist public companies grew big time in 2020, while small businesses were forced to shut down, with millions never to reopen again. Now if Biden becomes president the road to America becoming more like China is paved to favor big public companies even more. Hmm? Isn’t this exactly how it works in Communist China?

So first China exported their virus, then the Left-Wing media pumped up the fear mongering. Then the media lied to us about it all and flipped flopped on masks that clearly don’t work or are only needed by those with symptoms. They shut down everything over a bad flu virus. They crushed our economy and 10’s of millions lost their jobs or small business and many lost 1/4 of their stock market investments.

Then the violent rioting, looting, burning down of blocks of a dozen cities happened last Summer. At first, the Left media and Dems said it all was peaceful protesting, then they came out and said don’t stop protesting (which was not peaceful).

And then came the push for vaccines that are largely untested, delivered to market 10-20X faster than average and if you take and have side effects there is no legal recourse. And why is there a need for a vaccine for those under age 70 when 99.8% survive the virus? The vaccines are only 95% effective and kids hardly even get sick. And 95% of those over age 70 survive the virus? Hmm?

And all the while suicides and drug and alcohol deaths soared to add 10’s of thousands more deaths than normal. And how many more died from heart attacks because they did not go to ER due to fear of catching the Virus? And how many more will die of cancer in 2021-22 by not getting early cancer screening in 2020-21?

Then the fear mongering over this fake pandemic threat was amped up to collude to cheat in elections with mail-in ballots. Mark Zuckerberg gave $400 million to election offices in swing states to help them be Virus safe.

Then, mass election fraud happened to a greater degree we or even the cheaters ever thought would be possible of needed to overcome the likely true number of 80 million Americans that voted for President Trump.

Then we saw judges and even SCOTUS and state legislatures certify their elections in swing states, this though there being affidavits to the sky and dozens of testimonies were aired to the world for hours on end to the whole world attesting to witnessing election fraud or very suspicious behavior happening.

And now in 2021 in the first 13 days we have seen as much lying and corruption and tyranny that we have seen in all 2020. And we have not even seen what will happen on January 21 if Biden-Harris take office. They have made it clear they want a 100-Lockdown and Mask Mandate and want to take away our Constitutional rights to free speech, to worship God in church and self defense. Yet, just because they take power does not mean they can override the Constitution. Our government is one of We The People and for the People.

Yet listen now to what I predict is next by the evil doers. Right now Big Tech is silencing Conservative voices. They call what is True and Good, False and Evil. We’ve seen that time and again. They also project what they are actually doing onto Trump supporters. The likely next big step, if Biden-Harris take office is to make what they say is true is reality and binding law, even if it is false and has ZERO merit. And those that speak out against what they say is true or if we share actual truth the science of the virus or election fraud anomalies that showed huge vote swings in the early morning of November 4, that were impossible to happen, then such will be a crime, punishable by fines or arrest and subject to terms of serving time in prison or even re-education camps. The same could happen for speaking out against elected representatives or for sharing the gospel or Bible verses. The Dems could also pass legislation saying that whatever they deem to be “Hate Speech” is illegal and subject to fines, serving time in jail or re-education camps and even be liable to prosecution by others.

And if Biden-Harris take office and attempt to make Hate Speech illegal and try to take away our guns, will this not spark a 2nd civil or revolutionary war? Will not citizens rise up against tyranny and despotism that it demands them to do so to heed the very words of OUR Declaration of Independence? Either that or we then see internment camps and prison of many, if not most True Christians.

In the House yesterday, the Dems were trying to get GOP reps to say there was no mass election fraud that gave the election to Biden. They said this was for the healing of the land and to bring unity. This is madness and evil. They say they want unity and healing yet they impeach Trump and call him a Domestic Terrorist in saying he incited violence on Jan 6? The President did NO SUCH THING. Encouraging his supporters that they must not be weak, is not inciting violence in any way. The President's speech started late and ran late that morning too. In fact it ran over and into the Joint Session of Congress to tally the electoral college votes. I had to switch livestreams to see Joint Session and arrived at Alabama in tallying of votes. Right after this Arizona came up and then when state's votes were formally contested by GOP House reps and multiple Senators, then all Hell broke loose. As facts come in, it appears that the breaking into the Capitol building was mostly done by Antifa or paid actors pretending to be Trump supporters. And how much damage did they really do? Were the police and other victims killed by violence or did they die of other causes, with the exception of the Veteran dying that should not have entered the Capitol building? And where were the Capital police keeping the 200-400 that entered the building from coming in? Why were their not 300-500 police officers surrounding the building? Why did Capitol police, as seen on video, let a bunch of protestors dressed in mostly all black clothes, multilayered clothes underneath (Trump gear hidden under?) thru gates to Capitol building without attempting to stop them?

The Dems/Left are spiders spinning a web of lies to entrap us in. We see yet another False Flag planted for this weekend with a Red, Black and Yellow flyer calling to go to all 50 state Capitols and DC, armed. The FBI has even warned about this. Is this not telling? This warning does two things. This keeps true Trump supporters away from peaceful protesting and if some do go anyways it creates more false flags as Antifa and paid actors posing as Trump supporters may surely show up again to deceive America.

BTW, I’m encouraged by seeing that a call for Impeachment of Biden will be taking place on in Congress on January 21 or the first day they meet. After this happens, the same must happen to Harris.

The bottom line is the Swamp Creatures are now 99% exposed. The scum at the bottom are still trying to hide. They have cried “Impeach, Impeach”! Yet what are they all so scared of? Are they scared of a Trump THOR Hammer being dropped hard with evidence incriminating them all or are they simply pawns of Satan to do his bidding towards setting up a one-world government? Maybe both?

Yet, even if Biden does take office, a VERY LARGE part of We The People, like 80 million are WAKING or are FULLY AWAKE. They must now not only contend with the very few awake prior to 2021 to many. President Trump, if unable to complete the Good work began in him to make America’s government more corruption free and great again, has at least set up Patriots well to finish this work to restore our Constitutional Republic.

And for those that know and love Jesus we always have the blessed hope that as we see all that is happening now in the world are signs of the soon return of Jesus in the rapture.

Time to pray. Time to repent of our wicked ways and perhaps God will heal our land. There’s still six days for a miracle to happen and justice to be done. Please Lord do not judge America for the great wickedness done in our land with near 3,000 unborn babies being murdered daily and our government, media and Big Tech all being massively corrupt and liars and opposers of the Truth. Please make another way where We The People will judge all these evil doers. Yet thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven.

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