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Detectives, Conspiracy Theories, Propaganda and Criminals

Detectives review evidence and search for clues to discover the truth and arrest and convict criminals.

Part of what they do is develop theories to catch criminals as based upon evidence collected. Criminals definitely don’t like these detectives putting together the clues, some of which are facts, that lead them to the Truth.

Why is this not the case with FBI/DOJ/Judicial system?

Why do Dems and those on Left call election fraud and Hunter Biden laptop “Conspiracy Theories”?

How can the head of cyber security with Homeland Security and AG Barr say there was "No widespread election fraud"?

How can the Left-Wing news media and reportedly 50 Dems representatives get away with saying that Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian misinformation? This though Hunter Biden has been under investigation since by FBI since 2018 or 2019?

They are all corrupt, complicit and some even criminals. That is the answer to all questions about what those on the Far-Left, Dems and Big Tech and mainstream news media. And more than that, they are guilty of attempting a coup, committing high crimes and treason in fraudulently and intentionally attempting to win the presidential election or other elections with outright cheating and massive propaganda and misinformation campaign using their platforms that dominate like 7-1 over reach and distribution of Right-Wing or Conservative News Media platforms and many billions of dollars on tap from Big Tech Billionaires like Mark Zuckerberg that reportedly contributed $400 million to "help local election offices during pandemic."

Those on Left and those back Dems and what they stand for are willing to win in any way they can, including cheating and committing criminal acts. In fact, the fact is the only way Biden could have won this election was through mass election fraud. There’s no way from a basement.

You heard about Donald Trump earning the "Most Admired Man in America", but did you hear the complete story?

Polling results for Most Admired Man in America

Donald Trump - 18%

Barack Obama - 15%

Joe Biden - 6%

Top 3 Votes in Presidential Election Joe Biden - 81 Million Donald Trump - 74 Million Barack Obama - 69 Million

Attendance at Presidential Rallies Donald Trump - 10’s of thousands at dozens of events Barack Obama - 10’s of thousands at many events Joe Biden - 10 - 50 at less than a dozen events

How did Joe Biden, from his basement, get 7 million more votes that President Trump and 12 million more votes than President Obama in 2012?

The answer is pretty clear from the words of Joe Biden himself during 2020 presidential debate. “We have put together I think the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” Was this not a Freudian Slip?

With Joe Biden only getting 6% or just 1/3 of votes for Most Admired Man in America vs. President Trump’s 18%, clearly shows there was no hidden popular vote that didn’t attend rallies to not spread the Virus. And the polling results are far from biased to Right or Left as Barack Obama had won the last 12 years in a row.

And what about the stacks of evidence to the sky with accounts of election fraud or very suspicious activity taking place in the middle of the night on November 4 and days thereafter at registrar's offices via thousands of affidavits and dozens of testimonies before state legislatures in swing states?

And what about the IMPOSSIBLE data irregularities that took place in election that handed Joe Biden millions of votes in several swing states that President Trump was ahead in before they stopped counting votes on election night? Turtles like Joe Biden cannot climb walls like this says Joe Biden did.

And what about foreign the election officer that testified that he used Dominion Voting Systems software platform to help Hugo Chavez win election? And what about the IT experts, a judge in Michigan all testifying that Dominion Voting Systems software and platforms are designed to enable election fraud, were used to commit election fraud in 2020 presidential and other elections?

And our election system is so very insecure and ripe for fraud. There is ZERO doubt about this. Only those that say such are immensely ignorant, corrupt, deceived of the TRUTH and some we know are criminals or complicit via lying and gaslighting propaganda.

Am I not, like a detective, making a very sound case that mass election fraud happened in the 2020 election that overturned the real election result of President Trump winning in a landslide to Joe Biden getting 7 million more votes than President Trump, from his basement?

Or am I creating a Conspiracy Theory with no facts or concrete evidence that mass election fraud really happened that determined the outcome in the election?

Maybe this is because those on the Left and Dems are criminals and don’t want the Truth to be known? They don’t want to be exposed and arrested and put in prison, even some put to death for treason.

Criminals are compulsive liars. They cover lies, with more lies, with more lies. The really bad ones will even come up with evil plans to corrupt the government and justice system so there will be no justice.

Is this not what we are seeing with the Left-Wing Media, Big Tech censorship by Fact-Checkers that are clearly aligned in collusion to deceive and spin out propaganda?

Are not all proxy arms of the Democratic Party, for Billionaires, for Corporate America and Elites?

And then there's all the Covid-19 misinformation, propaganda and censoring of true data and science about the virus and it's true lethality. I've written in depth about such several times now here and made 100's of posts online on Facebook and Twitter about all such.

In summary, the Left-Wing news media has consistently shared and defended a narrative that Covid-19 is a true pandemic threat, when it clearly is not. Those over age 70 and with serious health conditions are at risk, but those under 70 and in good health are very, very rarely at risk of dying from contracting Covid-19.

Here's an overview of the FACTS from CDC and public data provided online.

- 90% of those dying w/ Covid-19 are age 75 and had average of 2.6 other causes of death.

- Driving a car is more lethal and dangerous to than to those under age 75 that get Covid-19.

- In an average year 36,000 - 40,000 die in car accidents in America and 41% are injured.

- 10% of 339,000 deaths in USA in 2020 ATTRIBUTED to Covid-19 equals 33,900 deaths.

- Only 6% of people die w/ Covid-19 as sole cause of death. For those under age 75 this means less than 2,000 people have died in all of USA w/ Covid-19 as sole cause of death.

- 10-20% of people get the flu every year in America. That's 30-60 million people every year.

- CDC states that Coronavirus tests may produce positive results from common flu virus.

- In average year 2.8 million people die every year in America. Average life expectancy is age 78 and most die with serious health conditions and diseases.

- If 12.5% of the 600,000 that die every year from cancer caught Covid-19 in 2020 then 75,000 would die with Covid-19 as one of multiple causes of death.

- 12.5% of the 2.8 million that die every year in America contracted Covid-19 in 2020, then 350,000 would have died with Covid-19 as one of multiple causes of death.

- The total number of deaths in America to date is NOT up from an average year. The data proving this can I'm told by 2 sources be found by adding up deaths by individual diseases or by month. The data of total deaths reported by CDC is only shown thru September and does not appear to be accurate when comparing individual deaths by disease or month. Why is it a 3-second search can produce death and case data for any city, state or country in the world for Covid-19, but it is near impossible or very hard for general public do find like data for any disease or total deaths to date in any city, state or country?

- Hospitals most every year reach full capacity in Winter months.

- Most people getting Covid-19 have light or only common flu-like symptoms.

- There is no real evidence that Covid-19 is spread by those without symptoms.

- A study in China showed that Covid-19 is not spread by those without symptoms.

- There is no proof that masks work to stop much, if any of the spread of Covid-19.

- Dr. Fauci said on 60 Minutes interview in March that masks may make people feel safe during a pandemic, may catch some droplets, but won't work to slow the spread.

I could go on for hours listed FACTS or strong evidence that Covid-19 is no true PANDEMIC threat, but I've already done that in other articles.

Can there be FREEDOM without Justice or Truth or Reality being believed and backed?

Patriots we can never allow Joe Biden or Kamala Harris to take office. They are corrupt, criminals and the mainstream news media and Big Tech are their propaganda platforms that control near 85% of all news distribution and media reach.

Patriots, we must stand UNITED for what is Good, True, Just and Right. If we do not we shall lose our free country and Constitutional Republic and OUR rights it protects. Please share and LIKE this article and do the same on Social Media and with person you know that can expand the reach of our site and cause.

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